Action Research Update

The journey of action research began in my mathematics classroom several months ago. I had already started focusing on small group instruction, but I wanted to find research based strategies to support my approach.


Researching articles to support small group instruction was a very interesting task. I wanted to find peer reviewed articles that focused on student performance and growth in small group settings, as well as strategies to support small group instruction as an intervention. The research showed that students from all levels show increase when supported in a small group setting. Students preferred the one-to-one instruction, and were more engaged in the lesson.  Additionally, the research I reviewed stressed the importance of using data to drive the small group instruction.


I was on the right track! I used date from formative assessments to drive my small group instruction. I am focused on students of all levels who need focused support as an intervention. Students are engaged in the learning process, and ask if they are going to be part of the small group. So far the results of using small group show growth in my students academic achievement as well as in their mathematical confidence levels. I look forward to see how they perform on their state assessment…not just for them, but for me to strategically plan my small group instructional practices going forward.



Author: Matt Foster

Writer, Educator, Creator, and Lover of Outdoors. Co-founder of TeamTom Education, LLC. Insanely Innovative Leadership Ideas at

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